Simply "THE BEST!"

A Brief History of The Pelham House ...

The year is 1997… Bill Clinton is President, the first Harry Potter Novel is released, James Cameron's Titanic is crushing it at the box office… but more importantly at age 52, Bob McCarthy from Melrose, MA decided to fulfill a lifetime dream and move his family to the magnetic charm uniquely characteristic of Cape Cod. After liquidating his stake in the Chelsea, MA-based insurance and real estate company he had built and managed for 3 decades prior, Bob finally made the leap and decided to put his heart and soul into a new endeavor "On the Cape" where he had spent every marvelous summer growing up as a kid. And as they say, "the rest is history" 

Bob, with his vast experience and success in real estate and sales, was able to acquire and quickly transform the Pelham House to a coveted vacation spot and an exclusive wedding destination. In 1998, Bob hosted the Pelham House's first tented wedding on the breath-taking Nantucket Sound. It was a defining affair. The spectacular wedding under the oversized tent perched on the beautiful oceanfront bluff adjacent to the Pelham House Resort set the wheels in motion for hundreds more to come thereafter. After designing and installing a world-class commercial kitchen in the Pelham House basement, Bob and his team personally catered every wedding hosted there over the subsequent 5 years. Embracing the role of "gracious host" with all of his energy and soul, Bob was even spotted cutting the roast at his own son John's wedding in June 2000 at yet another Pelham House affair extraordinaire. In short, hosting premier events and caring for guests with extraordinary passion and creativity most certainly became Bob's great "labor of love."

Over a 10-year span of owning, improving, and expanding the Pelham House, Bob created an event and vacation destination that was second to none on the Cape. In 2007, Bob sold the Pelham House to Boston Group Development, after which Bob's son John decided to stay on as the General Manager of the thriving resort. Over the last 12 years, the Pelham House has gone through many additional updates and room renovations. Today, as under Bob's exquisite leadership and vision, Pelham House weddings are a staple of this iconic establishment. Bob and his son John were able to envision, create, and capture a wedding niche like no other Cape Cod venue by offering an exclusive experience where wedding groups may have sole use of this extraordinary oceanfront resort property for the weekend. We welcome you to explore your own dreams and visions for your event at our timeless, elegant, and breath-taking venue.


Simply "THE BEST!"

In 2017, Bob McCarthy passed after a long battle with Vascular Dementia. He was valued and remembered by anyone whose path he crossed as "The Best!". There was no one that would do more or make you feel as special or important as Bob did. 

In the winter of 2018, John McCarthy was able to bring the Pelham House back in the family with help from partners Dennis Leary, Kevin Garcia, and Frank Hursey. We are now in the process of realizing Bob's ultimate vision for the Pelham House. Extensive hotel and lobby renovations were completed in May 2019. For the 2020 season, we are in the process of building a new oceanfront wedding venue and rooftop bar which will make the Pelham House an unequaled destination on Cape Cod. The Pelham House will now have the facilities to match the amazing service that it has had a reputation for providing for decades. Bob McCarthy's legacy lives on through his son John and his staff who ensure that every guest is treated like family and every wedding experience is simply "The Best".

Cheers to Bob!